Why People Watch At Home Than In Football Stadiums

The NFL is working to add technology in their football stadiums. The goal is to entice more avid fans to watch the game at the stadium rather than staying at home. The NFL is currently adding more wireless networks to keep the tech-savvy fan engaged and interested even while at the stadium. Otherwise, many of them will choose to stay home and not see the game live.

Even if some fans go to football stadiums and watch the game, there are still about 57% viewing the game in their respective houses. So, here are possible reasons why people prefer to stay home and watch comfortably and conveniently.

  • Highly Expensive

If you watch football live, it can cost you more money on tickets. You’re not only paying for the game, but the food you’ll be eating, plus the parking space. And what more if you are coming in groups. Note that you’ll be paying per head, and you’ll be spending more if you pay individually. However, if you’re really a great big fan and want to see your favorite team play, then you won’t mind paying for the extras.

  • The Weather, Seats and Comfort

Unless the football stadiums are domed, you are subject to any weather conditions while attending the live game. For an outdoor stadium, you are forced to experience the heat, rain, snow, wind and other conditions mother nature will bestow. You also can’t choose your favorite seats as the stadium will be filled with lots of people. You may be seated at the back and will need a wide television to view the game clearly. However, if you stay home, you’ll have everything covered, including going to the bathroom.

  • Loud Fans, Drunks and Jerks

At football stadiums, you have no control on who sits beside you. You may be next to a loud, drunk fan yelling most of the time. Some may even be yelling for other teams. It’s when you hear foul language, which can be directed to you, and may somehow end up with fights.

If you stay home, you’ll have the game covered on the TV screen. You also get to choose whom you want to watch it with. If you’re on the opposite sides, you’ll have it done the fun way. Fights don’t likely happen in homes, so you’re watching safe and sound.