Is Weed Wedding A New Trend?

Bec Koop was busy passing out joints to guests of the wedding party who wants to have one. It was not lighted until the bride and groom enters the reception and from there she will announce that everyone will light up their joint for the first time in celebration of the married couple. The gesture is considered as a modern take for the champagne toast where everyone inhales and release a cloud of smoke.

It is not unusual for Koop because it comes with her line of work. She works at Irie Weddings & Events. In fact, she is one half of the team of two who founded the business. They offer wedding planning services but cannabis oriented at the same time. Her business partner is Madlyne Kelly. Their business operates at a base in Denver and they also cater to traditional weddings. According to the Colorado law, marijuana is legal thus many businesses are capitalizing with the concept of wedding and joints coming together. Many businesses view this concept as an opportunity such as florists, bakers and caterers.

Irie Weddings & Events was able to organize a dozen of weed ceremonies last year and for 2017, they have more than that number booked already. The fact that there are now cannabis weddings is a proof that the use of marijuana is getting normal and usual as the days passes by. It is now transforming from a drug that is used only as past time and during night time parties but as a product suitable for adults who view them as a gourmet alternative.

According to the proprietor of Top Shelf Budtending, Andrew Mieure, their business specializes in serving marijuana during parties and special events. Brides are now looking for a new level of sophistication that is unusual for the wedding industry.

Another like-minded businessman was Cliff Stokes who thought of offering limo services to pot smokers within Denver. He was surprised to see that majority of his riders are posh customers and not the expected joint users. As it is common for party hire in Melbourne, it is not far that someday weed wedding will be recognized all over the world too.