Townhouses In Sydney Suffering From Rat Plague

In Kingswood, there is a pair of townhouse blocks that is currently suffering from infestation of large rats. This is the reason why the residents are crying out for pest control in Sydney because of fear that their health might be affected.

The vermin has been seen by locals roaming around the townhouses especially in the driveways and the backyard. They have been spotted at two adjacent blocks located in Jamison Road.

Residents have since been complaining because they are suffering from a rash which cause is unknown. They have witnessed blowflies flying over the leftover bodies of the mouse and rats that have been caught by the bait.

An exterminator from a local company said that the infestations of mice and rats are currently being treated all year instead of the seasonal treatment that used to be followed in Penrith.

The residents believe that the rats have their nests at an empty house adjacent to the properties. The vacant house is set to be demolished. One of the residents, Rakesh Patel, showed off a tunnel that leads to the vacant property next door.

He said that it has been 10 consecutive days since he has place five pellets near the rat hole. When he comes back to inspect it the following day the pellets would all be gone. A pest control expert, Michael Jackson, said that it is possible that the residents have been bitten by the pests already.

Raine & Horne St Marys is the manager of the townhouse blocks but according to them their spokesperson has only received a single complain from the residents. It was at the beginning of March and they hired a pest controller as soon as the complaint was received in order for the common areas to be treated.

There were baits placed on the two affected properties but the roof voids were not included since it has been inspected as inaccessible.

The spokesperson clarified that they complained only about little mice and they also have no rights to inspect inside their homes.

The resident, Blessing Ehkator, is looking for a place to move since she has been suffering from the allergies that rodents are bringing despite the efforts of the pest control in Sydney.