Things To Consider In Selecting International School In Bangkok

If you are planning to move to Thailand and you will take your family with you, you will naturally look for an international school where you can enrol your kids. There are a lot of international schools in Thailand but you have to be extra picky to ensure that you will send your child to a reputable academic institution. Picking a school to enrol your child in is crucial. The new school will be a different environment and experience to your child and it is important that the school is ready to handle adjustments on your child’s part. Look for an international school in Bangkok where your educational expenses will be worth it. Here are some ideas.

Increased number of enrolees

You can tell if a school is reputable by looking at the number of its enrolees. Check the school’s admission policy as there are schools that only offer limited seats to ensure the provision of better quality of education among students.Pick an international school in Bangkok with ideal number of student-teacher ratio including a safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning. If the school has low enrolees even if they do not have admission limits, consider it a red flag.

Standard international curriculum

The academic institution should focus on providing high quality education to its students but aside from that, there should be a balance between academe and extracurricular activities as recommended by international academic standards. The school should promote sports development, interpersonal skills, social well-being and other important aspects. The curriculum should also focus on developing the student to become globally competitive in the future.

High rate of successful graduates           

Another indication that an international school in Bangkok is credible when they have a long list of successful students who graduate per year. Check the passing rates of the students in terms of aptitude tests or college admission exams. International schools can be expensive so make sure that you will spend your money where it will have positive results. Read testimonials of parents and graduates at the school’s official website and from third party sites for more information.