The Importance Of Technical And Soft Skills To Achieve Success In Any Industry

Many parents prefer to send their children to the best international school in Thailand to broaden their horizon and experience an international curriculum. International schools use English as the primary teaching language so that pupils will be prepared for a seamless transition to higher education. Being able to speak English fluently is very important when the student transfers to another country for higher education.

International schools came under fire recently because of their approaches to teaching STEM disciplines that include science, technology, engineering and math. The qualifications of teachers were also questioned.

There were claims that schools in Thailand have to hire more non-Western teachers that are experts in math and sciences. Rote learning is also claimed as more effective when teaching these subjects and engineers must be better equipped to teach in English.

It should be noted that international schools that exist around Thailand are radically different from one another. They represent a diverse range of philosophies, curricula, approaches and students. However, there are those that assert that some universities are inconsistent with their services.

The annual surveys of the American Association of Colleges and Universities, National Association of Colleges and Employers and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills sends a loud and clear message that high school and university graduates lack soft skills and not technical-related expertise in STEM areas.

Soft skills in leadership, collaboration, communication and similar areas are crucial to achieve success in any industry. Skill deficiency in these areas has been remarkably consistent for over a decade. According to 93% of employers a candidate’s capacity to think critically, to communicate clearly and to solve complex problems is more important than an undergraduate major.

Lack of creativity among new hires is inhibiting the future prospects of businesses. The more arts and crafts are mastered by a person; the greater will be the potential to become an innovator.

In the best international school in Thailand, educators who have specialized training in science and math regardless of their nationality are hired to teach. At the elementary level, expertise in age-appropriate methodologies of teaching are considered crucial for effective teaching and learning.