The Dilemma Of Finding Plus-Size Women Clothing

In 1977, the concept of fashionable plus-size women’s clothing was only a dream. However, Dale and Waters has been providing fashionable plus-size clothing for Australian women since 1975. Dale and Waters has literally hundreds of styles and colors so that every fully –figured woman will have a wide range of choice. In many areas however, fashionable plus-size clothing was virtually inexistent.

Chubby children had no choices to satisfy their dreams of fashion and style. Plus size clothing styles do not change and they looked like something that a grandmother will wear for cocktail hour during a vacation. Other plus-size adolescents have similar stories of not being able to find fashionable and stylish clothing if they happen to be 5’9 and 150 pounds. There isn’t just any cute clothing and neither is there a trendy style. All these adolescents remember are the bad clothes during their childhood.

However, times has changed and to make up for the trauma of childhood fashion deprivation, many strong and stylish plus-size women have emerged and they are now excelling in the fashion industry. Designers focus their attention on creating plus size fashion for women from all walks of life particularly those who require sizes that are more than size 14.

Plus size women can thank bloggers, and social media for +size fashion. Bloggers that include Nicolette Mason, Gabi Gregg, Nadia Aboulhosn and Marie Denee have routinely influenced the industry and sometimes, they are able to sell a whole collection immediately. Each of these women has their own stories to tell about the trauma and frustration of not being to wear cute plus size teen clothing.

There are now many independent brands of plus size women clothing with some owned and operated by +size women. They are actually providing women with fashionable and stylish clothing that they too coveted. Indie brands are also joining the game with sizes up to 5X. There are also major brands that have woken up to the truth that they cannot continue to ignore the need to provide stylish street wear that are affordable for all +size women. Mass market accessible lines are not just a change, they are an improvement.