The Bigger The Kitchen Tiles, The Better

According to Diane Hancock, kitchen designer, the kitchen has a new function and that is for entertainment. It seems that fewer people are cooking in kitchens and it has changed the way that they are being designed. While white kitchen tiles continue to be very popular, neutral gray along with black tiles are becoming everyone’s favourite.

According to the results of a study made by Houzz & Home in 2018, at least 51% of150, 000 homeowners have planned to start or continue with home renovations and the kitchen is on top of their list. However, Hancock says that planning the space is very critical when re-modelling to avoid the number one expense which is mistakes.

Once space planning has been completed, the homeowner can proceed with whatever design is wished. Since less and less people are cooking in kitchens, they are now being designed as furniture. This means that appliances are arranged in a way that they blend seamlessly with cabinets. In a contemporary kitchen display, it is sometimes impossible to determine where the refrigerator has been placed.

In terms of kitchen tiles, the trend nowadays is the bigger the better. Experts from Ciot, a tile showroom in Troy revealed that slab tiles of marble, quartz, granite or quartzite are now being used on walls, counters and floors. The big trend is large format tiles along with the multi-piece tile, recti-linear tiles and rectangular tiles.

Meanwhile, when creating a unique look that no one else will have, Jordan Griffith, a design consultant says that the best option is natural stone. Homeowners can put anything on natural stone because it is indestructible. However, if re-modelling with natural stone is out of the budget, small changes can still give the kitchen a new look. New hardware or a brand new kitchen faucet can enhance functionality and aesthetics.

One of the best solutions to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the kitchen is through the use of high quality and well crafted kitchen tiles in various sizes and designs. There are 19 elegant tile colours in various sizes to choose from to ensure that it matches with the spatial requirements.