Thailand Welcomes Turkish Airline Flights

Thailand is a booming tourist destination know for its island vacations and vibrant nightlife. With travellers from across the world coming into the country to experience the ‘best spa in Phuket‘ or the ‘trademark Thai hospitality’, the country is looking to give its visitors the best experience.

For travellers from the country of Turkey, getting to Thailand will be easier now with the official launch of Turkish Airlines’ new flight routes to the Thai island destination of Phuket, which has gained popularity as one of the world’s premier beach destinations, being home to a number of award-worthy beaches as chosen by travellers across the globe. The new flight routs, welcomed and officially recognised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, add four direct flights every week to Phuket from the Turkish central city of Istanbul.

The TAT’s Executive Director for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Pataraporn Sithivanich said that the new flight service is part of the TAT’s collaboration with Turkish Airlines, which is aimed at keeping up with the increasing travel traffic to Thailand from the tourism hotspots in Europe, Turkey and Latin America. Additionally, the year 2018 marks the 6th decade of Thai-Turkish relations, and, according to Mr. Sithivanich, the TAT and the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Thailand are working together to foster relations with joint activities.

The new flight routes were inaugurated by Turkish Airlines on the 17th of July, with the first flight christening the new routes with over 210 passengers, 20 of which were from the Turkish media. Said media were also toured around the island of Phuket and the vicinity, including Phuket Old Town, Wat Chalong, Siam Niramit Phuket, as well as James Bond Island.

According to Turkish Airlines, they plan to increase the flights’ frequency, from four every week to four every day when the winter season rolls in, to cater for the demand for Thailand’s tropical climate. The European country is one of Thailand’s emerging markets, with the first quarter of 2017 welcoming 35,605 Turkish travellers, 2.66% more visitors compared to the same time span in 2016.

The majority of travellers from Turkey visit Thailand looking for the best spa in Phuket, or the nightlife experience for their holidays, with peak travel time during November to January. Turkish visitors are primarily aimed at the Thai beaches, with some of the top destinations being Pattaya and Phuket.