Tech Companies Relocating To Austin

Leading IT and data companies have to use a network to support their IT equipment relocation and a number of logistics requirements when moving to another state, town or city. There must be specialist handling equipment that will deliver large servers, components and peripherals including fully populated data racks that will ensure their safety.

Large tech hubs can be found in San Francisco, New York and now, Austin. More and more tech companies are relocating to Austin because they want to take advantage of the deep technical talent and attractive costs of living.

A healthtech start-up that is inventing computers for the brain is relocating from California to Austin and bringing data science roles that need to be filled up. Paradromics that was built in 2015 by a team of neuroscientists and engineers is building broadband for the brain. The start-up has recently secured almost $30 million in funding from investors and national research agencies.

The aim of the company is to reconnect the physically impaired with the physical world. One of the first applications is to allow patients who cannot communicate with the capability to speak again through a computer that will be implanted in the brain.

According to founder and CEO Matt Angle, affordability in Austin is one of the factors why they are relocating to the state. At present, the company has about 24 employees locally and will continue to add scientists and engineers.

Another tech start-up that will be opening an office in Austin is Zdaly, the uses artificial intelligence in the analysis of data from millions sources to help in making informed financial and business decisions. Founder and CEO Rajdeep Golecha told the Austin Business Journal that they will be hiring data scientists from Austin and Houston. The company wants to take advantage of the strong talent pool from the good colleges.

It is important for a company to hire expert IT equipment relocation with the skills and capabilities to support a whole range of technical requirements. IT equipment is sensitive and only experienced professionals must undertake its removal and reinstallation process. Safe transport between destinations must be available with the capability to manage the equipment carefully.