Success Of Some Men Who Are In The Self-Storage Industry

An entrepreneur in the self-storage industry needs something that will help it get closer to the customers just like Good Storage Leeds does to a lot of self-storage facilities. The self-storage business is not a very popular business venture but it sure has made a vital role in the lives of people as well as its owners.

Say for instance in the UK, thirty years ago they didn’t have any self-storage facilities. But now, they have one of the biggest floor space dedicated for storage. Many of the owners of self-storage facilities have seen success in their business. It yields about an annual profit of £500 million. One of the Big Yellow Self-Storage Company founders stated that storage facilities are not like shopping centers, hotels or fashion that a lot of people would want to get their hands on. But even if this may be the last thing that people would be thinking about, it has been very helpful in the successive recessions.

These businessmen has seen the need of people to keep their stuff such as clothes, furniture, technology and other things somewhere else instead of just piling them up in every corner of their small homes. The potential of success was high and the increase in demand was evident and they took advantage of it. One of the first ones was Rodger Dudding, also known as Mr. Lock Up for many of his clients. He is the biggest private owner of empty garages in the country which reached up to 12,000.

Although the reputation of this industry is not as high yet for many consumers seeing his garages are being used for either afternoon shop to dumping unusual stuff that is not very pleasant even to mention it. Dudding admitted that it was not easy to come up with the business since there was not director for garages and their owners. So he would usually go driving around town and fine garages that has no use. When he was building his business, he didn’t think that it would even earn that much. But it made him worth £100 million of properties.