Stand Up Paddle Boarding – Secret To Staying Young

According to Mickey Munoz, his secret for staying young is spending as much time as he can on stand up paddling on the water. Mickey Munoz is a 78-year old Capo Beach paddler who became famous when he was in his 60’s for his innovative style on the surfboard. Munoz was one of the early adopters of standup paddle boards.

Last Saturday, an annual event which was named Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup was held at Dana Point to attract stand up paddling enthusiasts from various disciplines in the sport. More than 120 competitors showed up even if the weather conditions were not exactly beautiful. However, the occasional drizzle and cloudy skies made it cooler for the standup paddle board community.

The community loves stand up paddle boarding. Patrick a 16-year old, suffered from injury that prevented him from playing baseball joined the event. He attended the Paddle Academy, a training group that offers assistance to the youth so that they can sharpen their competitive skills. During the event, there were about 30 students from the Paddle Academy and they have become healthier and well fit.

Events like this help families bond. Parents are happy taking pictures and videos of their children who participated in the competition. The event actually started seven years ago so that beginners and intermediate paddlers can improve their techniques. The event is also way to educate the young paddlers on how they can coexist with boaters in the harbor.

The event is rather unique because in contrast to more serious races, it attracts some of the world’s best SUP competitors. Athletes like Slater Trout and Colin Phillips were among those who cheered for the kids during the event. The event was also a fundraiser for the Sport of King Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps those suffering from life threatening and debilitating illnesses in the surfboard manufacturing industry.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) developed as hobby and sport in Hawaii. Since its inception, many people became hooked to the water sport. In order to enjoy the sport, it is important to use high quality sup paddle boards that will suit your requirement.