Sports Bar And Local Businesses Benefit From The NBA Finals

Why do people prefer to watch a basketball game at the sports bar in Sutherland Shire than go to the sports stadium? At the sports stadium, if the favourite team is being massacred by the opposing team you do not have any choice but watch. At the sports bar, you can simply swivel your head by 5 degrees and watch another game playing on the other giant screen. It is common for two games to be playing at the same in the sports bar.

Aside from Canadians and Americans, the whole world is watching the NBA finals whether on streaming services or out at a sports bar. The Game 4 Toronto Raptors win over the Golden State Warriors has set a new Canadian record for an NBA game. That Friday game night, the average Canadian audience was 4.631 million.

Canadians who stopped subscribing to traditional TV have two options to watch the NBA game – streaming or going to a local sports bar. According to statistics from Moneris, a payment processing firm in Toronto, credit and debit transactions had a significant jump during game nights compared to the same time last year. The biggest spike in transactions occurred at the end of the game.

Based on reports, local restaurants in Toronto experienced an increase in business during the games. According to Jeff Guthrie, chief sales and marketing officer of Moneris, it is common to see a spike in spending during playoff runs and this is good for local business in the community.

It is exciting to watch NBA finals at a bar with 200 of the new best friends. There is nothing more exciting than high fiving people when the Raptors get ahead. The pleasure is never more apparent when the favourite team is winning and there are people around you who share the same excitement.

In some cases, the reason for watching a game at sports bar in Sutherland Shire is practicality. You can eat and drink to your heart’s content and still have enough money to take a taxi home. You can spend less and have a great time heckling others when their team loses.