Solving Pest Infestation At Leinster House

For the past two years, Leinster House has been home to rats, mice, bluebottles and garden ants including creepy crawlies. A pest control company was called to come over to the parliamentary for 15 times to deal with the pest infestations during 2015 to 2016. The cost of pest control that was funded through taxes amounted to €8,354.

From the inspection reports of the pest control company, it was revealed that there were problems with black garden ants in the crèche of the Leinster House. Rats were found outside the press office as well as an infestation of bluebottle flies in the TD offices.

Last May, the pest control company was called again to deal with rats on the ground floor of the main building. There were complaints of a rancid smell coming from the floor outside the press office. When a technician inspected the place, he found a hole in the flooring outside the ladies’ restrooms that acted as an entry point for rodents.

During the callout visit to respond to the rancid smell, inspection of the area uncovered rodent activity. Rodent droppings were visible under the flooring of the area. One rat was immediately removed; it must be the reason behind the rancid smell.

Last October, a pest control company was called for a different reason. There were reports of bluebottle infestation in three of the rooms in LH2000 annex of Leinster House where most of the TD’s and senators are holding office. Treatment through pesticide spray was carried out to address the infestation.

From the records of Freedom of Information Act, the pest control company has been called twice this 2017. Last January 31, the problem was the smell of rodent in the Kildare Street reception of Leinster House but no dead rodents were found. On March 27, the call was about the sightings of rats in the ground floor of the main building.

In order to prevent pest infestation in homes and offices, pest control in Perth suggests consistent cleaning to remove food debris that is a source of food for rodents and other pests. It is also important to routinely check for holes that can become the entry point for rats.