Skip The Straw In Orange County

Worldwide efforts can be seen in reducing the amount of wastes we contribute. Many companies and businesses are turning to companies that offer junk removal Orange County in order to make sure that their wastes are handled properly and not just dumped on the landfill. In the case of Orange County, local officials wanted to do more which is why they have introduced a new campaign called skip the straw for the whole month of March.

To make sure that this becomes an annual thing, they have passed a resolution that announces the third month of the year as the Skip the Straw month. This is only one of the current measures the town as well as the county officials is taking to reduce the number of straw being sent to the landfill daily. Aside from straws, they are also trying to discourage the use of any single-use plastic items.

Penny Rich, the chairman of the Orange County Commissioners, revealed findings made by Ocean Conservancy which is a non-profit organization. According to them, around 500 million straws are used all over the globe on a daily basis and these straws are a huge part of the 8 metric tons of plastic wastes that sadly goes to the ocean annually.

Rich said that people should get used to the idea of ordering their drinks and requesting to forgo the straw altogether. This simple act is already a stepping stone to raise awareness to the public of how much plastic wastes are produced because of our way of living.

Straws as well as majority of single use plastic products contain petroleum as its main raw material. This is the reason why these items are considered non-biodegradable. Instead, they slowly break down into tiny pieces which can spread around in the environment and without use knowing it has already invaded our food sources.

There are already groups and organizations that are starting campaigns to reduce plastic wastes. Companies are also getting professional help for junk removal Orange County to make sure their wastes are handled correctly. These and many more turn to collective efforts to save the environment.