Sales Performance Of Ferrari In The Middle East

Ferrari is one of the most powerful brands in the Middle East region as well as the rest of the world; however, there is something passionate about the perception of the brand which can be considered unique. In terms of numbers, the UAE is a major market for Ferraris including Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other GCC countries including Oman.

There seems to be a huge sensibility about latest brands in the region however Ferrari models are all remarkable and incredibly popular in the region. When people consider speed, comfort and lifestyle when buying a car, their most obvious choice will be the Ferrari 488 GTB, the Ferrari 488 Spider and the California T. The California is a fantastic choice for a daily vehicle and it is received with overwhelming excitement.

The Ferrari 488 GTB is a powerful successor of Ferrari 458 Italia. It is primarily a racing car but it should not deter non-professional drivers from buying one. The engine of Ferrari 488 GTB is 3902cc V8 Turbo and is at the top of its class when it comes to power output, torque and response times. The engine releases 660 HP at 8,000 rpm with a response time at the accelerator of just 0.8 seconds at 2,000 rpm.

Ferrari 488 Spider is the latest of Maranello’s open top V8 sports cars. This is the most powerful of Ferrari’s mid-rear-engine V8 cars to feature a patented retractable hard top considered to be a technological innovation in design. Just like the previous Spider versions from Ferrari, 488 Spider is aimed for clients who are seeking open-air motoring experience in a high-performance car with that unmistakable Ferrari sound.

The Middle East takes about 8% of total Ferrari production which is at least 10% of total worldwide sales. However, Ferrari does not believe in achieving product volumes because it prefers quality over quantity. There has been year-on-year growth in sales of between 25 -30% since 2012 in the Middle East region. Exclusivity is very important for Ferrari 488 Dubai so that customers can be provided with a unique experience. The momentum right now may not be similar to 2012 but Ferrari believes that there is still strong passion for its super cars.