Revvo Introduces Smart Sensors For Tyres

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Meanwhile, Revvo, a Silicon Valley-based start-up that offers Internet of Things (IoT) smart sensors for tyres has announced that almost $4 million funding was raised to expand its efforts. The start-upwill join the ecosystem of tech start-ups that want to improve the mobility and transportation sectors. Technology can provide intelligence to the part of the vehicle that touches the ground.

Autonomous vehicles and self-driving technology are making enormous strides but nothing has changed when it comes to tyres even if they are the most critical component of a vehicle to ensure safety, performance and reliability. The initial efforts of Revvo will focus on the fleet sector that consumes tyres at a disproportionately high rate.

Revvo has developed the first of its kind AI-enabled sensor that can monitor tyres while the vehicle is on the road. The technology will include proprietary sensors embedded inside the tyre. The sensors will generate real time date on the tyre’s condition and performance. Thousands of data points can be captured by the sensors from the interior of the tyre which can be sent to the cloud through an app on the driver’s phone.

AI and machine learning are the technologies applied to aggregate data and provide a better prediction of tread wear. Drivers and fleet managers will have better understanding on the overall health of the tyres on their vehicles to increase vehicle uptime, optimize efficiency and improve safety. The tyres can also provide important data on road conditions, driver behaviour and vehicle performance.

Meanwhile, budget conscious vehicle owners have the option of cheap tyres in Brisbane without compromising quality. Different tyres are available for all types of vehicles and driving conditions. There are tyres for everyday use and heavy duty tyres for off-roading adventures in the wilderness.