Qualities Of A Reputable Thailand International School

There are several international schools to choose from but if you want a Thailand international school that can boost your child’s potentials, look for one that is highly recommended by parents and a school with the following qualities.

More than 7 decades of operation

One of the things that you should check into is the number of years the school has been in the business. The longer they have been operating means that they have managed the school well and have maintained their standards well enough for parents and students to trust them. Long-running international schools also mean that they have already established their systems thereby they are more credible in terms of school operations.

Qualified teachers conducive learning environment

Before enrolling your child to Thailand international school, check the credentials or qualifications of the teachers. They should be proficient in ESL/EFL and has gained advanced degree in teaching or in the subjects that they handle.  The school should also have a safe and conducive environment that promotes child development, confidence and sense of security. Find out if there are fire exits, nurse station and trained personnel assigned during emergencies.

Recommended by parents

One important information that you should check is the parents’ word about the school. Find out if the parents are happy with the school administration and their child’s development. Make sure that you do not only check the positive side but you should also find out the thought of parents who pulled their child out from the school and the reason behind it. You may also want to read discussion boards for more ideas.

More affordable

While it is true that Thailand international school can be pricier than local or public schools, it can never be contested that international schools are better in terms of education techniques and curriculum. You can check on different schools and compare rates to see which of the schools offer better value for your money. You can also check the school offers scholarships and if your child can be admitted to it. You can also save up to afford your child’s tuition for quality education.