President Obama Signs Order To Build The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

While the industry of boiler repair servicing has been booming in the past decades, new technologies introduced in the market are also attracting much attention. According to reports, President Obama is planning on bringing back the technological enhancements of 2012.

Bringing home the glory
In 2013, the Tianhe-2 of China became the fastest supercomputer in the globe and beat the American Titan. The president thinks that it is time that America brings back the title home. The Chief Commander announced a new executive order which he signed regarding the National Strategic Computing Initiative. This will be responsible in creating the fastest supercomputer in the world.
The Defense and Energy Departments and the National Science Foundation will be the agencies that will lead in developing this new super performing computer. The technology is primarily created in order to boost economic competitiveness as well as scientific discovery.

Uses of supercomputers
Supercomputers are very purposive. Some of these supercomputers are important with regards to the national security of the country and in ensuring that the country’s economy is stable and growing. The scientists can also make use of the supercomputers in pioneering researches when it comes to various fields ranging from climate change to nuclear energy.

The NSCI will spearhead in developing the first “exascale” computer. This will be about 30 times faster than those currently being used. This new supercomputer will be operating at 1 quintillion calculation per second. Calling this computer just a supercomputer is really an understatement.

The Titan which is considered the second fastest supercomputer in the entire world and is located in Tennessee uses about 10 megawatts in order to power itself. This figure is almost 2000 times more energy used compared to personal laptops. A computer that is equipped with greater software and hardware capacities are like to use more power.

When the technology will be developed, five national agencies in America will be using it- NASA, NOAA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and the National Institutes of Health. These agencies will also be inputting features and designs in order to make it much more efficient for their use and in order to meet the different needs of the agencies.