Preparation For Braces In Lansdale

A good family dentist can quickly notice his patient’s problems with his jaws or teeth, which may need to undergo a certain treatment or procedure. A regular dentist usually refers the patient to an orthodontist who specializes in identifying, preventing, and finding the fitting solution to facial and dental irregularities. There are tooth alignment problems that begin at a young age. However, an orthodontist may recommend waiting for enough teeth to come out before putting braces on the child’s teeth.

Most children with teeth problems get braces in Lansdale or other regions when they turn eight years old. Others may put braces between the ages 9 and 14. Children whose ages are between 8 and 14 have growing facial bones and they have teeth that can be moved easily. The said ages are the best years to prepare them for braces.

Things to Do in Braces Preparation

Braces preparation usually involves the following:

  1. Oral Exam

During the oral exam, the orthodontist checks the mouth, jaws, and teeth of the patient. He needs to check everything thoroughly before he recommends the type of brace that must be used.

  1. X-rays

The patient will need a series of x-rays to help verify the position of his teeth. The panoramic X-ray, which is the most common, shows the lower and upper teeth in biting position along with the developing teeth within the jaws. The special head X-ray must be used to verify the size, connection of jaws to teeth, and position. The 3D X-rays can provide a better understanding of the true distance of the teeth with each other.

  1. Plaster Models

The plaster model can help the dentist create an impression of the patient’s teeth. It is a dental cast that the dentist creates for the orthodontist to make a proper evaluation of the bite. There are cases where the dental cast is scanned to get a digital impression of the teeth.

  1. Possible Tooth Extraction

An overcrowded mouth may not provide proper space to accommodate all of the existing teeth. The orthodontist may recommend extracting one or more teeth to create proper spacing for the rest of the teeth.

There are times when the orthodontist may recommend other procedures before he recommends the right braces in Lansdale for the patient.