Phuket Welcomes New Theme Park

There are many reasons to visit Thailand and one of them is because of Catamaran charter in Phuket but now there is one more reason to visit the kingdom. Phuket recently welcomes its new theme park called Tribhum: The Mystical Three Worlds. Tourists can expect a 3D experience as they are given a walkthrough of the adventure park. Visitors are guaranteed to feel as if they have entered a mystical work comprised of fantasy and legend with a Siamese theme.

The new theme park can be found across the Floresta Zone which is inside Central Phuket covered by Phuket Town. Tribhum is a new experience because it tackles fantasy and legend with a twist through the use of interactive tech and by adapting a storytelling vibe.

The theme park is divided into three worlds – the Magic Forest, the Silver Mountain and the Underwater. The first world is the Magic Forest wherein guests can witness the Makaleetrees that were programmed to dance. This is also home to the Vanekampoo Monkey, an animal that is half-oyster and half-monkey.

The second world is the Silver Mountain which is perfect for guests who are looking for thrill. This is where the Silver Glider ride is located. It has 4 storeys and the maximum speed is more than 45 kph. There is a skywalk, Crystal Path, with a length of 60 metres and a height of 20 metres. There are two virtual battle settings that can be experienced in this world including Demon Maze and Garuda Dome.

The third world is the Underwater which is equipped with secret passage. This is the place to see mythical creatures like the Naga King. The secret passage also leads to The Thousand-Firefly Tunnel where one can see thousands of actual fireflies in real life.

Adults who want to get off their Catamaran charter in Phuket can visit the theme park daily except for Wednesday. Adults must pay 1,500 baht while children and senior citizens need only pay 750 baht. Persons with disabilities along with children with a height of 90 cm or less can enter for free. There is a concierge, restaurants and souvenir store inside the theme park.