Phuket Governor And Consul General Of China Meets For Tourism Talk

Phakaphong Tavipatana, the governor of Phuket, met with the consul general of China, Ma Fengchun, to talk about Chinese tourism and safety measures for tourists visiting the island. This is good news for local businesses including Sea View Hotel in Phuket because it will boost the confidence of Chinese tourists to come to the island.

According to Mr. Ma, his main purpose for visiting Phuket is to strengthen the relationship between Thailand and China. The second purpose is to share ideas on how to ensure the safety of every Chinese tourist that is vacationing in Thailand.

Prior to coming to Phuket, Mr. Ma also visited the provinces of Krabi and Phang Nga. The talks are of similar nature because the region is one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists going on a holiday.

He expressed his gratitude for the government of Thailand because they have seen how they made tourist safety a priority and this is the very information he will convey to the government of China when he returns.

The consul general also shared that the government of China has created a video campaigning for tourism in Thailand with appropriate information on how they can ensure their safety while on holiday.

During the meeting, governor Phakaphong said that Phuket is an island known internationally as a top destination. It is their goal to prioritize the safety of the foreign travelers especially those who are traveling by seas between islands. They are confident that they will be able to fully provide the service expected of them.

For Phuket alone, they have 160 international flights everyday while they also have the same number of domestic flights daily. They are around 100,000 hotel rooms including the ones in Sea View Hotel in Phuket and meeting rooms are also available for those who are traveling for both business and pleasure. For 2019, it was Thailand’s turn to lead the ASEAN Summit which was held in Bangkok and a number of ministerial meetings were also hosted in Phuket. The governor is quite proud for this achievement.