Phuket And International Hotel Chains

Thailand is a beautiful and alluring country to visit. With a high number of guests visiting every year, the country’s tourism industry is definitely booming. The accommodation sector is happy with this as more guests mean more revenue.

Aside from local hotels, international business companies have also expanded to Thailand because of the robust industry. These companies have established their hotels in popular places like Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok. Phuket especially has a lot. There is currently a Novotel in Phuket, owned by the AccorHotels group while the Aman Resorts International Group has also built the luxurious Amanpuri Hotel in Phuket. The Merlin Phuket Hotels & Resorts groups currently have two hotels in this quaint town- one near the sea and one near the city.

Aman Resorts International Group

The Aman Group contains 34 luxury hotels in 21 countries and 2 cruise lines. In Asia alone, the group has 25 hotels. In Thailand, it only has luxury hotel called the Amanpuri located in Phuket.

Inspired by the Siam’s ancient capital, it aims to provide guests with the ultimate Thailand experience- from the architecture, furniture and designs. This 5-star hotel offers high-class service with numerous activities, fine dining and top-grade facilities.

Merlin Phuket Hotels & Resorts Group

The Merlin Group currently has two resorts and hotels in Southern Thailand. The company takes pride in their facilities and warm hospitality which makes them popular among tourists.

The Patong Merlin Hotel is located near the beach which allows you to experience the island life. With three swimming pools and top-of-the-line facilities and service, this 4-star hotel is one of the best in the business.

The Phuket Merlin Hotel is located near the city which allows you to experience the hustle-and-bustle of the little town. Its location is perfect for you to stroll around Phuket and discover its rich culture. The 3-star hotel boasts of quality facilities and services that suit business and social meetings.

Novotel Hotels by AccorHotels

The Novotel brand is a hotel brand owned by the Accor Hotels group and currently has 496 hotels worldwide. In Thailand, it established the Novotel Phuket Vintage Park. This 4-star hotel gives you the Novotel experience with private rooms, gastronomic cuisine, excellent service and facilities. With its facilities, this Novotel in Phuket does not give guests the luxury of being bored.