Perth Resident Catches Intruder In His Perth Home And Offers Him A Ride

The police are again encouraging residents to consider looking into and investing in home security in Perth after a. 86-year-old pensioner discovered a thief in his home just moments after he left his property.


Fortunate Timing

Harry Turner, 86, left his Perth home to go out and eat when he realized he left something at home. He decided to go back home, and as he enters his bedroom, he sees a young man on his bed rummaging through his things.


Bewildered by his discovery, he asked the young man what he was doing, but the man just showed him his bag with nothing but a brick in it, and explained that he has not taken anything.


Too Old to Get into a Fight

Turner further explains that an 86-year-old man like him is too old to get into a fight, so instead of getting aggressive, and understanding that none of his belongings were stolen, he decided to take the high road and offered the young man a lift. The young man agreed, and said he was trying to get to North Muirton, but when Turner went to lock up his apartment, the young man was gone.


The Culprit

Turner explains that the man seems to be in his mid-20s, about 5ft 10in in height with average build and short dark hair. He also explains that the man seems to be a drug addict, as he spoke with a noticeable drawl. He was seen wearing a maroon rain jacket when Turner found him. A police spokesman has confirmed that they are investigating the incident, and are trying to identify and locate the young man. They are reminding citizens to look into home security in Perth to avoid similar incidents.


Lesson Learned

Turner says that he was lucky that his laptop was getting repaired that day, so there wasn’t anything that the burglar that could have taken. However, he feels sorry for him to be in such a situation that must be bad enough to compel him to break in and steal. He says that he would make sure that he locks his doors tightly from now on. He says that after the incident, a lot of his friends are giving him a hard time for not locking his doors.