Next Level Yachting Experience From Sanlorenzo SL86

Marty Lowe is the yacht interior designer for Fort Lauderdale under the company Sanlorenzo which has a headquarters in Ameglia, Italy. She recently designed another version of SL86 which is an American version of the Sanlorenzo. According to her, she got her inspiration from the beautiful stones that were gathered from the Carrara region in Italy. The harvest of the stone has been a practice since before the time of Michelangelo. The same traditional marble was used by Lowe to design a signature piece made of large tiles. The tiles have carvings of intricate designs and were placed at the forward bulkhead where the main salon is located.

The marble gives off a glowing effect because the stone has been carved very thinly in some areas to achieve the effect. The backlit used carries the new LED film technology. Lowe described that the LED film utilized gives off consistent light with zero depth. She compares it to a Saran Wrap. She enjoys taking newcomers into a tour in the room and sees their awestruck reaction as soon as she turns on the switch.

Officinal Italian Design was employed by Sanlorenzo to remodel its existing units in the yacht series located in the shipyard which are under the fiberglass planing or flybridge. They can go as long as 36 meters. SL86, 27 meters with 27 knots, was released in 2015 as a replacement for the previous model which is the SL82. This new model is branded as the latest entry-level megayacht from Sanlorenzo.

The look of SL86 is not something to be considered as entry-level because of its exterior decks, the accommodations allotted for the guests as well as the crew quarters that are huge and well designed. The overall look gives an impression that the design is that of a larger yacht model.

Sanlorenzo Americas is the partner of the shipyard as well as the official distributor in the country. They were the ones who introduced the SL86 to the market in 2016 where it was received warmly and with much success. Sailing enthusiast will be able to try more of these wonderful yachts if they visit luxury retreats such as Far Away Yachting.