New Concept: Airport Personal Transport

A group discussion with the Link Airport has given us idea regarding the latest design being developed right now into a prototype. The said design is that of an airport personal transport that the passengers will be able to have access to reach terminal gates and destinations within the airport faster. The designed buggy will be driverless and will be parked in the car park where the passenger can start his ride.

The speed of the said personal transport is three times faster compared to walking. In order for designers to create a prototype model of the driverless airport personal transport, they need to raise around $100,000.

The personal transport will be beneficial to those who are in a rush to catch up with their flight. It will save the passenger the trouble of walking around the airport maze to the terminal gate carrying heavy luggage.

The driverless car is being developed by an 88 year old designer who graduated from Harvard University. The aim of the designer was to lessen the stress caused by rushing to meet the boarding time since the buggy will be accessible from the car park.

The Harvard graduate is from East Falmouth, Massachusetts and is named William Alden. He and his colleague William Donkin who is also from Massachusetts are the brains of the Airport Personal Transport system. They have started a campaign in order to raise around $100,000 which they will need to build a prototype.

The vehicle will be powered by electricity and can accommodate two passengers at a time. It is semi-autonomous and has a speed of three times the walking making it possible for passengers to reach their destination at 1/3 the time needed.

Their aim of building a prototype is to show how the vehicle will look in real life and how it will operate in transporting passengers. It will be automatic and though small, it can carry the passenger’s bags as well and move around the airport, pedestrians and vehicles.

They have nicknamed their design as the personal automated chauffeur which they have posted on their website. It will be an additional option when booking an airline ticket. Passengers will need to book an APT as well.