Must-Have Equipment For Liveaboard Diving Thailand

If you are planning to go on a Liveaboard Diving Thailand, make sure that you have with you some important gears that would keep you safe in the water. Aside from that, the safety gears will keep the experience even more enjoyable especially when spent with friends. Here are some of the must-have gears that you should have when diving.

  • Diving mask. A high quality mask will keep your eyes protected from salt-water. It will also enable for you to appreciate the Thailand’s underwater beauty.
  • Drysuit/wetsuit. If you will dive in warm waters, you would need a wetsuit which is typically made of neoprene rubber that insulates the body by trapping the heat within. A thicker type of wetsuit is required in colder waters.
  • Another essential Liveaboard Diving Thailand is regulator. The equipment controls the supply of air from the demand valve every time air is taken in thru the mouthpiece. Another demand valve is also attached to the regulator to allow you or another diver to get air supply when needed.
  • Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD). A BCD looks more like a jacket which is connected to the air cylinder thru an inflator hose. While you are still at the water surface, a lavish supply of air is injected into the BCD. The air keeps you afloat. As you go deeper into the water, the air is gradually released and adjusted. The air is lessened or added, depending on the need. The device prevents the diver from sinking or rising.
  • Weight belt or integrated weights. The device is worn around the waist. It keeps the diver steady while at its intended water depth. A weight belt can also be used along with BCDs with built-in pockets.
  • One of the more important life-saving equipment when doing Liveaboard Diving Thailand are gauges. A gauge indicates the amount of air inside your tank and how deep you are in the water. There are gauges that also provides temperature information and a compass.
  • The device is worn by divers for better mobility and control under water. Moving under water can be challenging without the use of fins.