Mobile Dentist Happily Serving Quebec City

Going to the dentist to get Easton dental implants is no big deal for adults who are physically healthy but for members of senior citizens and those that have limited mobility, getting a mobile dentist is considered a blessing. As the demand continues to grow stronger, a dentist based in Quebec City is now looking to employ an additional worker in order to help provide unique services.

The dentist in question is none other than Sarah Gagne. She has been conducting in-home dental services for all the senior citizens and individuals who have limited mobility. This good deed has been working well for the last five years.

In a interview with a local radio program, Dr. Gagne said that majority of what she does includes cleaning but she also offer other dental services such as extractions, diagnosis, fillings and conducts exams. She goes to long-term care facilities as well as residences for nursing homes to provide those services. The two services which she does not offer are orthodontics and x-rays.

Gagne expressed her desire never to go back to a regular clinic because she has been lured in by medical practice rather than providing services very much like a caregiver. She added that for those who have mobility issues, getting to a dental office can be hard work and time-consuming when the queue is long.

For senior citizens and individuals required to stay at long-term care facilities, dental hygiene is often neglected while other health issues take center stage. Seniors who find it hard to get to the dentist because of location will eventually give up with regards to their oral hygiene.

Gagne explained that many people do not give as much regard to teeth because they are considered disposable compared to other body parts which can directly impact the overall wellness of an individual. The truth is that teeth have an impact to the whole peron.

Clients who are getting their Easton dental implants are impressed with the mobile dentist. Therefore they think that every city in the world should have this in order to service more clients.