Manufacturer Lays Off Half Its Production Staff; Truck In Guelp Exploding In Flames

A manufacturer that operates in the industry of trucking in Gulephand a supplier of dump trucks has lain off almost half of the company’s production employees. It had been the Hitachi plant located in Woodlawn Road West, which has continually seen a decline of personnel for seven years. RK Padiyath, the Chief Operating Officer, has stated that the layoff had been a result of restructuring for a global business plan. The laid off employees had received packages in preparation a few weeks prior.

Back in 2012, southern Ontario’s federal government agency had loaned over $6 million to Hitachi for its expansion project that was predicted to prove the area with over 240 jobs. However, the demand for their product has dwindled and the promised jobs had not been filled.

In a statement released by the federal government in Ontario, Hitachi had met the terms and conditions necessary in the agreement, and that the truck manufacturer is presently working on the process of accomplishing their repayment obligations.

Bleak as it may sound, the Hitachi COO had stated that the business does not end with the astounding amount of people laid off for the current restructuring. He has assured that they will be able to bounce back in the changing times as the business sets off for on a different direction to fulfil its goals. The employees that have been chosen to remain are not alarmed by the recent developments, as they feel their jobs are not at stake.

It had been said that the office employees, contrary to the production staff, that have been laid off had not been offered severance packages. A representative has not immediately responded to any requests of confirmation on the issue.

In other news, trucking in Guelph still proves to be precarious when lacking driver attention to the road as Highway 401’s westbound lanes were shut down on the 3rd of June. A truck had caught fire at around 11:00 along the Guelph Line exit. At least two lanes of the highway had been closed for hours, black smoke lay thick in the air. There had been no serious injuries.