How To Make Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Matter

This holiday season, celebrities and fans alike are getting busy shopping for their own ugly Christmas sweaters. While celebrities like Ghostface Killah, Beyonce, 2 Chainz and Shaq are creating their own line of ugly Christmas sweaters, ordinary people who cannot create their own clothing line can still have their own personalized ugly Christmas sweater at You can just log in to their website and look for their in-house tool that offers customers to create their own sweaters. These sweaters are handmade by knitters in China and each piece receives ample attention to make your ugly Christmas sweater as unique and funny for the holiday season.

To make your ugly Christmas sweater matter, you can donate them after the season so homeless and charitable institutions can make use of your disposed clothes. Some celebrities like 2 Chainz are creating a line of ugly Christmas sweater with profits to be donated to foundations and non-government organizations all over America. The Vancouver Giants will also put their game-worn ugly Christmas sweater on sale after using it during this weekend’s game and the gains will be donated to charities as well. To help others, you don’t have to be a celebrity like those big names. You only have to have a good heart and donate what you can, even those high quality ugly sweaters that you ordered at, to become a good Samaritan.

After the holidays, you can rummage your closet and those boxes in your storage room and attic and look for those ugly sweaters and things that you can donate to the homeless or needy. There are several institutions and foundations that accepts donations in cash and kind all throughout the year. If you would rather keep your ugly Christmas sweaters, store them properly in a box and place some mothballs on it to prevent destructive insects from inhabiting the sweater. Store them in a cool, dry place so for the coming years, you don’t have to spend and order at because you still have your ugly sweater in perfect condition with you.