Life In Canberra Without Plastic Bags

Many retail stores are getting shop fitouts in Canberra but what is more remarkable is that these establishments are no longer using plastic bags. It has been almost seven years since the resident shoppers stopped using free plastics that are meant for single use. According to the people of Canberra, they have nothing to complain about the ban as there are no serious effects. The only impact they can think of is that they now have a cleaner environment.

The plastic pollution is a challenge because it is piled up on the landfill which eventually ends up in water ways that can cause clog and it also affects the natural environment of flora and fauna. After the ban, the amount of plastic in the landfill has decrease by one third.

Looking at a survey conducted, more than 70 per cent of the voters at ATC are still in support in the continuation of the ban. They believe it is the right choice because it does not disrupt their lifestyle and it does not violate human rights.

Canberrans are now used to bringing their own bags every time they  go out to shop which makes it a part of their habit. In the event that they forget to bring one, they must pay an additional 15 cents for every plastic bag.

While many might not look at it as an outstanding feat, it is worth noting still because they are making a difference no matter how small. It is still a better option compared to other places where there is not a single resolve on how to minimize the impact of plastic pollution.

It is commendable because they have maintained the ban for almost seven years while other retailers such as Coles decided to back out on their ban of single use plastic due to commercial reasons. The fear that businesses in Canberra are going to suffer due to the ban did not come true. In fact, more brands are getting shop fitouts in Canberra as business remains to be booming. They have also proven that it is perfectly safe to reuse shopping bags contrary to the belief of residents in other states.