Less Known Cities In Vietnam Getting Closer To The Spotlight

Two years ago, the President of the United States decided to visit Vietnam. Rather landing in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, he chose the midway point between these two cities which is Da Nang. The city became the center of attention during that time because it played host to a number of international leaders such as JacindaArdern of New Zealand and Moon Jae-in of South Korea who attended the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation conference. The summit was a success which boosted businesses such as hotel in Danang and other local businesses within the city.

From then on, locals along with international tourists are not just eyeing the major cities of Vietnam but also those dubbed as second-tier. There is Da Nang which is deemed to be a clean and well-managed city, Hai Phong which is a trade magnet for China and Binh Duong is proving to be the best spot when it comes to industrial production.

Looking at the trend, there is a big chance that economic gains will cover the entire country as Vietnam continues to be developed. It is far from the tactic of other countries where their main focus lies on urban areas that are close to the coast.

Navigos Group, a recruitment firm, said that Da Nang is turning out to be a developing hotspot as investments are pouring in from Europe and Singapore. This is why the company decided to establish a branch in the city following to footsteps of various new businesses in Da Nang such as Australia Chamber of Commerce and IT outsourcing firm based in Germany.

Many years ago, Da Nang was only famous because of its beaches and for the fact that it welcomed the first troops sent by the United States during the Vietnam War way back in 1965. In the past few years, the municipal government has been boosting the city to welcome businesses. There are many factors why businesses such as hotel in Danang prefer the small city compared to other major cities in Vietnam including the fact that the crime rate is lower and the streets are cleaner.