Learning English For Communicative Competencies

Morocco’s economy is becoming service-based that it why it is need of competent and highly skilled workers. However, the nation also requires reforms in teaching foreign languages to enhance its worker’s competitiveness. For example, if workers learn English they will be more competitive in the job market and more opportunities will be available.

The Minister of National Education and Vocational Training says that schools should prepare students to be competitive in the job market; however, teaching English as a foreign language remains to adhere to traditional paradigms. Teachers are still using the same textbooks, the same teaching materials, curriculum and syllabus. English language teaching in schools must be enhanced and assessment procedures changed so that students can develop certain communicative competencies.

The world is fast changing and it is important to compete with new life skills. This cannot easily be achieved with the current situation in Morocco’s schools. Students must learn to communicate in English in order to develop globally required life skills including competitiveness in communicating. However, traditional teaching systems adhere to rules, instructions and manual guidelines so that students see the world as black and white. If students do not acquire new skills, they will not be able to access the global job market.

Teaching of English in Moroccan schools should include the development of language competencies that include being able to talk about past events and being able to write a coherent paragraph. This is not really a difficult task for teachers as long schools have a unified, clear and concise curriculum. The current syllabus must be reformed to include real life skills like presentation speaking activities, case studies and project-based tasks. Other activities should focus on English reading skills and grammar. Creativity must be encouraged instead of relying heavily on reproducing what the teacher has presented. Language learners must be prepared for the future to make them ready for a highly competitive world.

Teaching English as a foreign language requires TEFL certification as well as passion and dedication for the job. TEFL is an internationally recognized certification that will allow you a high paying job as a quality and competent English teacher.