Korean Dentists More Skilled And Experienced In Dental Implants Than Chinese Counterparts

According to a Chinese dentist, they are 10 years behind Korea when it comes to advanced dental expertise, clinical skills, invisible orthodontics and dental implant technology. The oral health market in China has just started and yet, there is huge market demand. However, private dental clinics lack the skills and experience compared to their Korean colleagues.

A surge in demand for dental implants is expected to occur in China because dental implants are widely promoted as the best option to missing teeth. In western countries, between 300 and 500 dental implants are performed per 10,000 patients. In China, only 3.5 implants are performed for every 10,000 people. Qingguo Qi, CEO of Keen Dental Hospital in Shandong, China said that if Korea will share it knowledge and experience to dental students as well as dentists, China will able to meet the demand for dental implants.

In 2015, it was estimated that the oral medical equipment in China was worth $21 billion. It is expected that the numbers will more than double in 2020. However, at least 80% of the oral medical equipment is imported from other countries. Korea has high quality equipment that is suitable for China’s needs. Korea also offers the most reasonable prices. A continued bilateral cooperation between the two countries will help achieve mutual benefits.

Data from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) revealed that Korea has exported $53 million worth of dental implants last year, a 14% increase from the previous year. In China, there 15 thousand graduates from 90 dental universities every year but less than 2% have been able to perform successful dental implants.

The ratio of dentists to patients in China is 1:10000 while in developed countries there is one dentist for every 500 to 1000 patients. Korea that has 30,000 dentists’ from10 dental universities boasts of 1 dentist for every 1,800 patients.

The data provided above pertains to Korean and Chinese dentists. If you are in Tennessee, more Franklin dentist information is provided on different dental services that include teeth whitening, fluoride treatments and cosmetic dentistry including dental implants. Remember to take care of the teeth so that you will always have that beautiful smile.