Is It Better To Buy Expensive And Luxurious Bedroom Furniture?

Before you decide on bedroom furniture in Perth, it is important to define how you want your bedroom to look like. Do you want something classy, luxurious, chic or modern or perhaps your preferences run along simple lines? In the choice of bedroom furniture Perth, make sure to choose your favorite colors or any warm or soft color scheme that will make you feel comfortable.

British bed brand Savoir has collaborated with international designer and architect Robert Couturier so that new luxury bedroom furniture can be designed. An Art Deco-inspired bed made in the 1920’s is being offered for $45, 262. It comes with a luxurious king-size Savoir No. 2 bedset and HW mattress hopper. A matching dog bed can be had for $3,850.

This lavish bed is designed with a frame and a tufted headboard that is made from first-class Italian fabric. It incorporates elegant colors like pale blue and silver matched with medium grey-brushed woolen velvet. The beds are also available in many different styles, shapes and sizes whether standalone or with a headboard.
According to Design & Trend couturier Dedar who is a personal fan of Savoir beds, the highly luxurious bed is the most comfortable bed that he has ever used in his lifetime. Getting a good night’s sleep has always eluded Dedar but the Savoir bed has certainly made a difference because the mattresses felt like heaven.

Savoir beds are widely known all over the world since the 1900’s. The company has gained a name for its “most luxurious system” and its distinct style. Savoir mattresses cost about $8,000 that is also the price of a low cost car. The company claims that it is better to invest in a bed that is expensive with superior quality than waste the money on low-quality beds.

The Savoir brand begun in London but it now available in other countries that includes Shanghai, New Delhi, Berlin, Paris and New York. Customers can also go to their showrooms in Moscow, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Miami and London. As Savoir continuously partners with well-known designers all over the world, expect the company to produce impeccable beds and comfortable bedroom furniture.