How You Should Find Security Screen Doors

If you use security screen doors, it’ll definitely make the home look nice and protected from perpetrators, bugs and the weather. If you’re opting for its installation, you can consider so many factors and features which will perfectly suit your needs. Here’s what you ought to know when shopping for one:

What Type of Door Frame Material to Obtain?

Security screen door frames includes aluminum, steel, or other metal alloy for the material to use. The material can be constructed durably to ensure the security of the screen doors. However, one must remember that metal alloy and aluminum frames tend to be weaker than steel. The frames must be designed wider, so it can have all its needed strength.

With two- to three-inches-wide steel frames, you allow at least 40% of air flow and sunlight than what metal alloy and aluminum frames can offer. Those made from aluminum will ensure the item won’t easily rust, however, they are more expensive. If you have preferred steel security screen doors, the material won’t show signs of rust for another eight to ten years. After that, you will need recoating.

Installing the Type of Door Mounting to Use

Whether it’s a tube frame mounting or a flush mounted installation, both features offer the needed security. Flush mounting however provides a better seal with its natural look. For tube frame, they need a couple of inches from the door opening, as it is installed on the door trim rather than the inside opening.

Must the Door be Powder Coated or Painted?

Paint can withstand heat especially during the hot season. If you prefer the security screen doors painted, you’ll just have to add up to your list of maintenance projects.

With powder coating, you apply free-flowing, dry powder. The difference it has with paint is having no need for solvents to keep the filler and binder parts in a liquid suspension just like paints. The powder coating uses electrostatically then cured under the heat of the sun to make it form a skin, which is the hard finish. It’s actually a better option for traditional paint. So, ensure that the screen frames and screws are included, so everything has one color and should last longer.