How Ugly Christmas Sweaters Made Millions For Businesses

Some people throw parties in July that closely resembles Christmas celebrations. They decorate a venue with Christmas lights, Santa Claus and reindeers and wear ugly Christmas sweaters to bring the spirit of Christmas in summer. Technically, it is still July but there are people who have already started their Christmas shopping online.

During the holiday season, hardly a weekend goes without someone inviting you to an ugly Christmas sweater-themed party. The ugly Christmas sweater used to be a tacky garment that no one will be caught wearing in public but now it has been embraced as a major part of the holiday season. People are no longer embarrassed to be seen wearing outrageously ugly sweaters.

Surprisingly, the ugly Christmas sweaters were not made in Santa’s workshop. Former corporate lawyer Evan Mendelsohn and former dentist Nick Morton began selling holiday sweaters online in 2011. Mendelsohn who was interested in online marketing and growing trends noticed that it was difficult to find new Christmas sweaters from online retailers.

They quit their jobs and opened their own company, Tipsy Elves. During their first year, they sold more than 5,000 sweaters so that they quit their jobs and went fulltime. The last 6 years proved that it was worth the risk opening an online business. In December 2013, Mendelsohn and Morton appeared on an episode of Shark Tank with other successful companies.

With celebrity exposure moments, orders continued to roll in. Tipsy Elves has generated more than $70 million in sales and sold more than 2 million products. Their products are far from serious; they are often whimsical and downright crude. They gained the interest of younger audiences who did not want the stuffiness of the formal holidays. Customers will be amused and entertained with Santa riding a unicorn and angels with beer bong designs.

There is certainly no harm if you want to start Christmas shopping in July. If you will click on, you can find a wide range of hilarious holiday sweaters for family and friends. You can choose a matching set of sweaters for you and your partner with the popular Christmas designs. To stand out, choose the 3D sweaters that light up.