How To Create Your Dream Vanity

A bathroom is never complete without a vanity and for someone planning to design one, it is important to have a plan and make sure every detail is given the attention it needs. There are factors that make up a well designed vanity unity such as the layout, style, as well as the types of sinks and countertops to be used.

One may have already the idea on what color to use and finishing to adapt but there is the most basic thing that should be given attention first – the layout. Decide where the vanity will be installed and know what the exact measurement it is going to be. For a galley type of layout then there should be two vanity units with a separation for a pass through. Each of the unit may have a sink or the first unit can be dedicated to washing up while the other one is for seating.

It is common to see bathrooms that are equipped with horizontal vanities that have one part dedicated to cabinets. This type of vanity is not only efficient but is also useful if the bathroom is not big enough to have more storage options. The vanity already offers a storage unit as well as a space on the counter for some items used daily. The vanities are also installed for the purpose of having clean lines as well as a bathroom with modern design.

In the case of master bedrooms, it is recommended to have vanities that are L-shaped. It is not a good option for maximizing space because of the corners but it offers more leg as well as arm room. The vanity unit is also more distinct especially in bathrooms with large spaces. It is not recommended for bathrooms with small spaces because the room will feel cramped.

Next thing to decide is the number of sinks that the vanity unit will have. For bathrooms that are used by couples, it is best to have to sinks where they both can use at the same time especially in rush hours. For a bathroom used by a single person then a single sink will be enough. After designing for a bathroom vanity, it is also recommended to have a matching oak cloakroom vanity unit.