How To Avoid Being Victims Of Crime In Melbourne

In today’s economy, crime rates have increased and victimised several victims of crime in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. Today, one must be able to protect himself and be alert, especially that crooks can victimise innocent people anytime. We never know who the next victim is, so staying alert is paramount to keeping oneself safe and secure. Look around you and be aware about certain places where possible assailants can cover. Be extra cautious with your surroundings, especially that criminals will try to look for victims that can be an easy prey and not put up a fight with them.

Some people carry with them a keychain pepper spray to prepare for persons who will assault them anytime. There are also those who carry a personal alarm. The alarms provide a high decibel sound and will attract attention from others and hopefully have the assailant escape. Many of these alarms come with a flashlight which can be handy for finding keys inside a purse or items that need to be found hurriedly. You can also equip yourself with mobile security devices, which are available in security stores. If you’re ever attacked by a person with a weapon, use your keys to punch him in the most sensitive areas of his body to escape and run for safety.

When going out, always remember to lock your home and your vehicle once you enter. Ensure you keep your windows up and see if there is no one hiding inside the vehicle. If you can avoid going out alone, always come with someone when driving your car. When you’re parking it, ensure that the parking space isn’t desolate or quiet. If you’re shopping and feel unsafe, always ask the security guard to walk with you until you get inside the car safely. Avoid carrying a purse loaded with cash, so at least come with a minimum amount that you need the most. It will ensure you don’t fall as victims of crime in Melbourne, especially in public places.

If you’re home, ensure that your valuables like money and jewellery are kept in safes. Secure your doors, windows and other possible entryways from thieves or criminals. You may also want to install security cameras to monitor people coming in and out of your home. At this point in time, you need to protect yourselves from being victims of crime in Melbourne, especially that crooks are rampant nowadays.