HomeUnion Investment Properties, Categorized Depending On Investment Goals

HomeUnion has once again given their possible and existing investors, a more comfortable investing environment through their SFR or Single-Family Rental HomeUnion Investment Properties that have recently gained a new, interactive feature in the company’s official website which will give them the power to create their own portfolios of properties along with the capability to search and look for individual properties that may suit their goals in investments.

HomeUnion is one of the most popular Managing Firm when it comes to investments on real estate properties. Their SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties allow investors to invest remotely on various properties within their market and they have made the changes indicated above by setting new categories for investments that will allow their clients to pick what’s most suitable for them.

The Following are the categories for investment properties under their SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties:

1. Income
These category consists of properties that have an appreciation range from low to moderate, but will still yield great amount of monthly returns or cash to the investor.

2. Growth
If you’re looking for a property that prioritizes high appreciation levels, then they will belong to this category, however, the monthly cash-flows will vary.

3. Balanced
This contains properties that keep the balance between the appreciation and monthly returns to the investor. If you’re looking for a low-risk portfolio, then the properties in this category are what you should consider.

HomeUnion possesses exclusive and unique algorithm that allows it to magnificently filter the thousands of properties which are available in their vast list of market depending upon what will suit your investment goals. Each market will have different real estate experts that have in-depth knowledge about the specific market they’re assigned to. They will pre-vet each properties and render them for presentation in the official website of the company. The property will then be categorized accordingly through the individual characteristics they possessed.

The CEO and Founder of the company, Don Ganguly, indicated that the SFR HomeUnion Investment Properties varies with their potentials in regards to growth and income, that’s why they categorized the properties depending upon an investors need. He also gave an example where old people may look for more consistent monthly income while young people may be looking for properties that will generate a higher appreciation value for a long-term span of income.

The site has been in operation since May, last year and you could get yourself the investment without the worry of managing it afterwards as the company will handle it for you as well.