High Demand Encourages Students To Learn Welding Basics

MIG welding is often chosen over other welding processes because of high productivity at very low costs. It is also used in welding different types of commercially available metals and alloys. However, Mig welders usually suffer from eye strain after several minutes of welding. To alleviate eye fatigue, high definition filter technology makes it safe to weld for extended periods.

There is high demand for welding jobs today making it an ideal industry for high school graduates who want to earn above average salaries. According to Doug Durliat, director of West Central Ohio manufacturing consortium, entry level welders can earn an hourly rate without the need for a college degree.

It is very easy for students to complete welding programs that are offered at career centres like Apollo Career Centre in Lima, Rhodes State College and Vantage Career Centre in Van Wert. Usually, work is already waiting for the students as soon as they complete the welding program. Students can also start to learn the fundamentals of welding and receive certification to be able to work in the industry even if they have not yet finished high school education.

Aside from the different aspects of welding that includes Shield Metal Arc Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, students can also learn welding inspection and quality acceptance criteria. If there is an opportunity to work in the industry after high school, students do not have to face the burden of tuition fees to gain college education.

Welding is an in-demand occupation particularly for those with basic, intermediate and advanced certifications. With basic certification, a student gains knowledge on the basics of the manufacturing industry. Intermediate certification means that the students have gained hands-on manufacturing experience with CNC machining and electrical process operating. Advanced certification is similar to an associate or bachelor’s degree in the manufacturing sector.

Most students who have earned a 5-month welding certificate became proficient Mig welders and are employed in various industries. They could easily be hired by big companies as entry level material welders. Further training and experience will allow a student to become a robotic welding operator in the global aerospace and defence industry.