Here’s How You Can Throw An Awesome But Cheap Holiday Party

If you own a company then you definitely know the value of your employees to your company. Employees are considered as the blood of a company. Without them, no company could ever be sustained. That is why it is important for a boss to show his appreciation for his employees from time to time and the best way to do so is to throw them a party during special occasions such as the holidays. However, when throwing a party, you might be discouraged by the expenses on food, alcohol, music, and prizes. Don’t be. You don’t have to spend much to throw your employees an awesome party.

  1. Move the party to January. You might be thinking, “Who throws a holiday party during January?” Well apparently, a lot of people do. This is because the costs for parties are much cheaper after the holiday rush and before the wedding season. Caterers would not be fully booked, hotel banquet rooms are mostly always available, and bands are more affordable. Also, January can be quite a depressing month so it would be good to give your employees something to enjoy.
  2. Throw the party during working hours. If you don’t want to waste money by renting a room but still want to win the hearts of your employees, then why not use the office instead? All you need to do is order pizza, a couple of sodas and cupcakes then you’re all set.
  3. Make it pot luck. Your party could be a team effort. Get your employees involved. If you know an employee of yours who can bake a damn good cake, then why not ask him to? Why not have everyone bring their favorite desserts? Build good relationships with your employees by having them join in on the planning.
  4. Leave the office. If you don’t like throwing a party, then forget about it. Why not go outside instead? You can visit a zoo, a water park, a theme park, etc. Bowling is also a fun way to go.
  5. Don’t charge. You’d be gaining your employees trust and admiration more if you don’t charge them for the party. Free pizza and Sprite is better than charging them $30 per head. Also, don’t forget those Christmas gift bags filled with all sorts of favors. Employees would definitely love them.