Healthcare And Cloud Computing Trends To Expect This 2019

The previous year was eventful for the healthcare industry because many have decided to shift to cloud which gave rise to multi-cloud access along with public cloud. Add the integration of new innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. One year later, healthcare and cloud computing have become an inseparable pair as the former benefits from the latter. This year, industry experts are looking forward to the future of cloud technology and its applications to the healthcare industry. Here are the cloud trends to look forward this 2019.

Increase in multi-cloud access particularly among larger enterprises. The benefits of cloud computing has become more evident for larger enterprises therefore it is expected that healthcare organizations will be bolder in partnering with multiple cloud provider at once. This means that they are going to sign with various public cloud services that will be focused on similar application to make create a more cohesive network.

Cloud computing will get more complicated because of multi-cloud access raising concerns for security and privacy. With the rise of multi-cloud access, there is also the rising concern with regards to security. Different cloud networks that are interconnected into one will have more vulnerable points thereby making security more complicated. The setup will undeniably provide more advantages but it also leads to issues of privacy, compliance and security.

Advanced cloud technology will impact companies in life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. Leading names providing cloud services such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are proof that there is more to expect from the technology. It will greatly impact the organizations under life sciences and pharmaceutical as it makes data analysis easier while using different cloud sources.

Serverless technology and container systems will dominate 2019. These are not recent technological innovations but it will become the latest priority especially for healthcare organizations. This is brought about by the mainstream use of machine learning and AI in the healthcare industry. Serverless technologies are cost-effective because it does not require server maintenance which can be limiting. As 2019 launches, industry experts are looking forward to these healthcare and cloud computing trends and its impact.