Hawthorn Leaves Behind Traditional White Strip For A New Away Jumper

As any self-respecting AFL store knows, team guernsey changes are big news, due to the value and history that ends up attached to the designs.

Take Hawthorn’s latest away guernsey, which does away with the team’s traditional brown and gold stripes for the majority of the 2019 and 2020 seasons. Predominantly gold, this jumper design harkens back to the one the club was using back in the 1933 VFL season, and will be used by the team for eight games for the next season as the Hawthorn Hawks travel across the state to face home teams at Marvel Stadium.

The new look is the first time the Hawks will be playing in a guernsey that isn’t their traditional vertical stripes design, which has their been their look since the design was first chosen back in 1950, iconic both to many a AFL store and Hawks fan, and will be replacing the away jumper that’s been in use since 2013, the one sporting brown-with-gold-stripes.

More importantly, and in a more practical sense, the club will no longer have to play with predominantly white clash strips, with details on the change revealed by Club President Jeff Kennett via a letter that was sent out to club members back in August.

White, the letter from Kennett says, is the colour of surrender, and Hawthorn is not a club that surrenders, and that the other strip will never see the light of day. He also noted that brown and gold works well with other colours, so the team will be sporting the new guernsey for every game, save for the Indigenous Round.

This new design is part of the ‘Legends’ jumper series for the club, which will feature the names of the club’s icons on its design. For this guernsey, the club pays tribute to Coach John Kennedy Sr., who led the club to three premiership victories, with his signature inscribed proudly on the jumper’s front side.

Club CEO Justin Reeves discussed the redesign’s intentions, from honouring Kennedy, to reflecting the club’s colours; brown and gold. He says that this guernsey, and the whole of the Legends series, is all about the Hawks honouring their history, and this design, sporting the club’s traditional colours in a unique design, accompanied by the signature of one of the club’s most influential icons, is a good start.