Gifts For The Holidays Can Come From Your Backyard Garden

Gifts become more special when they are placed inside gift bags. Gifts look classier when they are placed in gift bags instead of being placed in a box and then wrapped. Gift bags can also accommodate different sizes and shapes of gifts. A larger size can be purchased and simply include some tissue paper for the extra space. A gift bag can also be accessorized to make it look unique and extra special.

Gifts from the garden

Do you know that there are items in the garden that can be used to make unique gifts for the holiday. Here are some ideas so that you can avoid the holiday rush at the malls.

• Seed packs for friends. Collect different types of seeds in your garden from sweet peas, morning glories, poppies, lupine and mature sunflowers. Dry the seeds in a cool dark place and then put them inside small plastic bags that have been pricked to create little pinholes for air. Identify the seeds and write down a set of instructions for planting. You can put them inside a gift bag together with a pair of sturdy gardening gloves.

Candles with scents are popular gifts especially if they are homemade. Dry some flowers and lay them flat in some pieces of paper. Buy some white candles from the craft store and a box of home canning wax. Melt four of the wax slabs in a double boiler over simmering water. As soon as they are hot, pour the mixture into tall containers about an inch bigger in diameter than the candles that will be dipped. Dip the dried flowers and rose petals into the wax and apply them in random fashion on the candle. Wrap the candles with tissue and place in a gift box together with a candleholder.

• Leaf stenciled gift bags will be highly appreciated. Buy some plain gift bags and decorate them with a few leaves on top. Lightly spray with silver or gold spray. Pick only leaves that are flat and weigh the stems down on the edge of the bag to that the leaves do not get blown away. You can also make use of metallic spray that can create patterns on the gift bag.