Games And Activities For Indoor Team building Events

Some employees are no longer excited when they hear about team building being organized by the company. They cringe at the false interactions, trust falls and building of newspaper towers. Instead of strengthening work relationships, the activities hurt team cohesion.

To eliminate the negative vibes from common team building activities, many businesses choose activities that will appeal to the younger workforce. In some companies, 89% of their workforce is millennials and they have to look for action-packed activities that will facilitate bonding. There are games that are wildly popular among the younger generation like Fortnite, Player Unknown Battlegrounds and Apex Legends.

Fortnite is a popular game because it is free to play. According to Eric Rea, CEO and co-founder of Podium,an executive brought the game to his attention. A member of executive team returned from a weekend and told Rea about the game that he played with his two sons. He was completely into it and believed that is was something that they should check out.

Fortnite can be played in both IOS and Android devices by downloading the app. Teams can begin playing when possible during their breaks. However, playing video games and work responsibilities do not go hand in hand. It is very easy for players to lose track of time when they are playing However, Fortnite will not be a problem because a match typically runs only for 20 minutes.

The reason why Fortnite can be used in teambuilding is its cooperative nature. When playing for a team, it is important for a player to call out the positions of enemies and share provisions as necessary. According to Rea, he noticed an increase in cohesion between departments because barriers that were created in the workplace were eliminated by the online game. When a team gets better at playing, leadership develops and beneficial interactions emerge.

Another teambuilding activity that is provided through is MasterChef where teams have to prepare, cook and plate 3 courses under the guidance of a professional chef to make sure that they are edible. The activity is inspired by the popular cooking show on TV including the mystery box challenge.