Future Brides In India Are Anxious Because Of The Effect Of Demonetization

Brides-to-be in India are worried before their wedding day and not because of the usual reason. This is the peak season for weddings in the country and things are not going well for them. One of them is Mansi Sharma, interviewee’s name was changed as requested, and she is quite concerned for her wedding day. The whole family of Sharma had to wrestle with banks because they are either close or crowded with customers. Not to mention the fact that their ATM transactions are only limited. The spare cash they have at home is not even big enough to be used for the wedding day. The relatives of Sharma are worried too.

According to the cousin of Sharma, Priyanka Shivan, weddings are already challenging as it is and now they have to add more worries because of the unnecessary trouble they have to go through. This is brought about by the crisis that impacted the citizens after the immediate decision of the Indian government to demonetize some of their currency notes such as Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.

She also added that the wedding business is now much unorganized. Cash is required for most of the transactions they have to deal with. Add the fact that guests are adding up to their daily costs and they have to spend more in order to buy milk and to do grocery shopping. The florists as well as the tent rental vendors require that cash should be paid to them. Their relatives including her parents thought that they will be able to withdraw cash and give cash as a gift. The sad news is that the currency is now worthless and just a piece of paper. Some people might not be able to understand unless they know everything about an Indian wedding.

According to wedding planners and vendors that are in the wedding industry, a wedding can only push through if there is enough cash because almost all payments need to be in cash and the government’s sudden ban of the currency is a shock to the industry.

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