Foreigners To Be Accepted In 12 Professions Reserved For Locals In Thailand

Starting July of last year, 12 more jobs originally listed only for locals in Thailand have been opened to foreigners. There are still 28 other jobs that are considered to be off limits for foreign individuals such as traditional Thai-style massage. Ever since 1979, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners know that they must follow a certain list in order to make sure that they do not meddle with jobs that are specified for the locals only.

Pol General AdulSangsingkeo, the labour minister, said that the list have already been made public. Anyone who is found to be not following will be treated accordingly and will face arrest by the police officials.

Manual labour is one of the additional 12 professions that have been made available to foreigners. Based on the Employment Department, the remaining 11 professions will be offered to foreigner following an “as needed” rule. There is a condition put in place which clearly explains that foreigners can only be employed as workers but they do not have the permit to work as an independent or to own a business in the country.

The 11 remaining jobs that are available for foreigners are:

  • carpentry and various construction work
  • animal husbandry
  • manufacturing of dresses, mattresses, shoes, quilt blankets and hats
  • making ceramic ware and pottery
  • forestry
  • bricklaying
  • fisheries and different non-expert jobs

If the foreigner possesses the required professional license, they will be able to apply as civil engineering, accountancy and architecture. Adul clarified that these posted jobs were made available to foreigners as per the mandate of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.

For local Thais, there are still 28 positions that will only hire locals including jobs that require Thai characteristics and Thai wisdom such as weaving mates and utensils from various raw materials, woodcarving, making mulberry paper, weaving cloth by hand and silk reeling among many others. For those who are planning to visit the kingdom to work, recruitment agencies in Thailand for foreigners are available for ease of applications.