Flexible School Furniture To Optimize 21st Teaching Methods

Over the course of the past years, schools have been considering more flexible and movable kids school chairs to replace the traditional desks with a wooden table top that is welded to a plastic chair. Traditional desks and chairs are becoming things of the past. With more flexible school furniture, kids can communicate with each other easily and reflect on their lessons.

Over the summer, Knolls, Arroyo, Mountain View and Wood Ranch received new flexible seating. This was made possible through the funding of Simi Valley Unified School District’s $239 million bond Measure X. Jason Peplinski, superintendent of Simi Valley Unified School District said that all their schools will receive new furniture in the coming years. The project of new seating will be completed in phases throughout the district as part of an overall classroom beautification process that will cost about $1.5 million.

According to Peplinski, kids must be able to move while learning. Some of the new seating allows kids to dispense some of their energy. If students are empowered by allowing them to choose their chairs, they learn better. It is important to bear in mind that learning can be and should be fun.

California Department of Education (CDE) recommends that classroom spaces must be able to optimize 21st century teaching methods that include project-based learning and individualized instruction. CDE also suggests that space must be adaptable to multiple activities to take place simultaneously.

Tables and chairs play a big role to ensure that a classroom becomes more fluid, versatile, convertible, scalable and modifiable. In the Dellacort-Thomas classroom, desks can be easily moved to allow different sized groupings and seating options for students. Instead of wobbly stools, kids have the bright coloured chairs with back support. The children can choose a specific spot in the classroom that they deem suitable for what they want to accomplish.

Student learning is improved when the classroom and furniture is designed for their comfort and health. It is without doubt that kids school chairs play a big role in ensuring that the attention of a child is on the lessons. If the chair is not comfortable, a decision is made between comfort and learning.