Five Tips To Select The Right Tiles For Bathrooms

Tiles are available in a wide variety of materials, designs, finishes, shapes and sizes. Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom renovation or design project is a challenging task. There are certain helpful tips that will help you to make the right selection in less time.

Pick the right size

Tiles are available in a wide range of sizes. Choosing the right size is very important to ensure they enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom. Consider factors like, maintenance and cleaning before you choose a tile. For example. Using Large grey stone tiles help to make small places to look big by providing continuous tile surface either on the walls or the floor, large tiles means fewer grout lines which means less accumulation of dirt and less cleaning. On the other hand, using smaller tiles like mosaic implies more grout lines and more cleaning.

Balance your selection

Ideally, a bathroom should not have more than three different tiles. One for the walls, one for the floor and one as the accent tile or focal point. Using more than 3 different tiles will make the bathroom look cramped while using a single tile for all the spaces makes it look boring. Select tiles that complement each other and provide a cohesive look.

Use neutral ceilings and floor

Opt for neutral ceilings and floor to make the bathroom look spacious. Using eye catching colours for the floor will draw the attention downwards instead of the space in the room. Opt for neutral floor and ceiling and use accents for walls.

Consider the overall colour palette of the bathroom

Choose the bathroom tiles in similar colour tones to maintain the colour palette of the room. Deciding the colour palette is the most difficult part of designing the bathroom. Choose one tile that you absolutely wish to have in your bathroom and select the remaining tiles that complement your selection.

Texture is also important

The texture of the tiles is also an important factor to consider, while choosing tiles. Use slightly textured tiles for the flooring as they feel nice and provide proper grip to the feet. You can choose glossy and shiny, grey stone tiles for the walls in the bathroom as they are easy to clean.