Five Essential Tools For Blacksmiths

Blacksmiths work with metals like iron and steel and make tools out of them. They use different instruments like, hammers, drills, grinders, hydraulic presses etc. to create a number of different tools. Blacksmiths work with a forge or a furnace to heat the metals and then use different handheld and mechanical instruments to mould the metals into tools.

Some of the most used Blacksmith supplies are:


A forge or a furnace is required to heat the metals. It is a hearth which is used to provide heat to the metals. A forge can be bought from the stores that deal with Blacksmith supplies or can be made by the blacksmith.


Anvil is the most basic blacksmithing tool. It is also a symbol of the blacksmiths. The anvil is used to place the metal that is to be moulded. Anvil has a hard and flat surface suitable to hold the object that is to be moulded or shaped. Cast iron and steel are the most commonly used metals to make the anvil. Most of the Blacksmith supplies stores have readymade anvils. Some experienced blacksmiths prefer to make their own anvil.


Hammers are the most used tools of the blacksmiths. There are many different types of hammers, like the claw hammers, small ball pein hammer, cross pein hammer etc. The hammer is used to strike the metals which are to be moulded into tools. You can buy hammer from the stores that stock blacksmith tools and supplies.


Tongs help the blacksmith to hold the hot metal. They act as an extension of the hand and help the blacksmith to hold the metal and mould it. Tongs are strong and fireproof as they are made using iron and steel. They are available in a number of shapes and sizes.


Clamps and vice are ideal tools that help the blacksmith in their work. The best vice or clamp suitable for blacksmiths is the post vice. The vice has to be very strong in order to withstand the severe and repeated blows of the hammer. You can buy good quality vice and clamps from the reputed Blacksmith supplies stores in your neighbourhood.